Key Features

Bridge Connector offers a cost-effective solution to an expensive problem. Our unique platform has pre-built connectors with systems, which help organizations streamline and automate data flows. The Bridge platform empowers organizations to delegate data management, enabling them to concentrate on what’s truly important: providing superior patient treatment and developing company innovation

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Connect your Disparate Systems

Bridge Connector acts as a secure pipeline between end-points, moving information between CRM's, EMR's and other systems directly. As long as your platform allows for incoming and outgoing connections, we can connect them

Get More from Your CRM Systems

Integration enables you to enrich your CRM system with data and extend the reach of your EMR

Ongoing Support

Receive updates, 24/7 customer support, new user training materials and troubleshooting from the Bridge Connector team of experts

White Labeling

We've built it so you don't have to, but you can take the credit. Contact us today to learn more about our white label options.


We're always looking for motivated, and talented individuals here at Bridge Connector. Want to join us?