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The Bridge Connector Story

In a world where you can hail a ride from your phone or order food to your doorstep in minutes, shouldn’t healthcare come equipped with similar conveniences? Why is interoperability so easily achieved in other industries, even heavily regulated ones like finance, but not in healthcare?

That’s the question Bridge Connector Founder and CEO, David Wenger, asked himself when he discovered the complexity of integration in healthcare. He was given the answers you typically hear that limit innovation in healthcare — There are too many regulations and standards to manage. Or HIPAA restricts the industry from simple health data exchange.

It was clear that most of the reasons had become excuses for not developing a better method. So we got to work, and Bridge Connector was formed with the goal of changing the way healthcare communicates. How are we doing that? By providing predictable, affordable, and simple healthcare integrations to organizations, with no expertise from them required.

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Bridge Connector's mission is to change the way healthcare communicates. We believe in a simpler healthcare system - one where patient data isn't an obstacle to success but rather its greatest asset.


Our vision is to become health care’s trusted partner for effective efficient, affordable communication. History says healthcare integration has to be complicated, we’re here to change that.


Our team filters every decision and interaction - both internal and external - through our six core values: respect, transparency, continuous improvement, teamwork, innovation, and resiliency. Through these guiding principles, we maintain an environment in which all team members do their best work, and our customers reap the benefits.

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Continuous Improvement

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Our Team

Innovators. Seasoned technologists. Healthcare industry leaders … we’ve got ‘em all. There’s a lot of work to be done to change the way healthcare communicates, and our team has rolled up their sleeves to get it done. We come from diverse backgrounds but are bound by one common thread: a passion for delivering a simplified healthcare integration experience.