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higi and Bridge Connector: 4th Network of Health Care

Creating the First Line of Defense for Prevention and Engagement at the community level

CHICAGO – February 12, 2019 – higi has a national network of self-service, smart health stations that are free and convenient for consumers. The network, located primarily in retail pharmacies, is coupled with a robust, interoperable, digital platform that empowers consumers to measure, track and act on their data. Providers, payers or employers can leverage this network to reach, activate, and engage its community members to collect and measure biometrics and other health and social determinant data. With 10,000 smart health stations and nearly 1 million sessions each week across the higi network, these trusted access points expand access to care and create a channel to activate and engage underserved and other hard to reach populations at scale.

The creation of a 4th Network of Healthcare occurs when legacy healthcare networks and platforms offered by providers, payers and self-insured employers connect into the higi network and tap the power of the national health station footprint to connect to consumers where they live, work, and play. Partners can leverage survey and biometric screening data to intelligently connect consumers to the care and services that help meet the healthcare needs of the consumer and the population health goals of the partner.

This combination of higi network connectivity, consumer access, real-time data intelligence and scalable remote digital engagement is the missing link addressing many of the foundational challenges and limitations of the healthcare ecosystem.  The higi 4th Network of Healthcare leverages existing networks and workflows to deliver a solution that supports revenue generation, cost reduction and enables a pathway for earlier detection and prevention of health issues for healthier individuals and communities.

“We’re working to team with existing healthcare stakeholders and leverage our vast network and real-time station data to provide access to quality healthcare to all consumers, especially those in currently underserved communities,” said higi CEO Jeff Bennett. “By partnering with providers, payers, and self-insured employers, we can connect and expand their footprint into community access points to reach and activate consumers at points of trust. higi’s solutions then allow those organizations to deliver actionable health recommendations to consumers, connecting them to the care and services they need, in near real time. This connectivity allows for earlier prevention opportunities and expands the care relationship beyond the transactional.”

To assure this network provides the data interoperability needed for coordinated care, higi works with Bridge Connector to provide clients with an option to integrate higi data into the clinical workflow, making it more efficient for the providers and allows for early intervention. “We are changing the way healthcare is delivered,” says David Wenger, CEO and founder of Bridge Connector. “Bridge Connector was created to be the leader in making healthcare data connect. We are working to provide an affordable solution for any site in healthcare to have their data flow across systems, which ultimately, frees up doctors and enables them to focus more on the treatment of their patients.”

higi is working with partners to close gaps in care, expand community access points, and make it easier for those with chronic conditions to stay engaged with their care providers. To further these efforts, higi will be attending Health Information and Management Systems Society Conference (HIMSS) in Orlando from February 11 – February 15 to expand this growing network that connects healthcare stakeholders with consumers. Learn more by visiting them at booth 7366 or by going to



higi is a consumer health technology company making it easier for consumers to measure, track and act on their health data through a free nationwide network of over 10,000 FDA-cleared self-screening stations located in pharmacy retailers and other community points of trust.  Enhanced by over 80 different third-party integrations (i.e. apps, devices, monitors, EHRs and more), higi’s smart health stations connect across the existing healthcare ecosystem, bridging station activity with digital tools to interact with consumers on the go and extend engagement, making it easier for consumers to remain active in their health.  Healthcare stakeholders use higi as a new access point to better reach, connect with and activate targeted populations; collect biometric and other health determinant data to stratify and prioritize; motivate consumers to take specific actions at a point of care or within the expanding care ecosystem activated by higi connectivity.  To date, more than 54 million people have used a higi station to conduct over 311 million biometric tests.  For more information, visit us at


Founded in 2017, Bridge Connector is an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that delivers streamlined integration solutions for healthcare organizations. Headquartered in Nashville, Tenn., and with offices in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., and Knoxville, Tenn., the company was founded on the idea that any healthcare organization should be able to automatically transfer data between disparate systems without the need for internal IT support. Bridge Connector offers a seamless full-service integration solution, regardless of the platform used, freeing up internal resources to concentrate on core business initiatives. For more information, contact or (844) 727-4343 and follow Bridge Connector on LinkedIn.


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