Clint Johnson

Director, Technical Product Management

“Mimicking the herd invites regression to the mean.” — Charlie Munger

Clint Johnson, better known as “CJ,” is Director of Technical Product Management at Bridge Connector. Part strategist, part software architect, he has led high-velocity teams on software projects ranging from data-driven products in the private sector to the public sector. CJ’s prior clients span the globe, and his portfolio includes some of the biggest brands in the industry.

Most recently, he owned his own development consultancy, Grizzly Development Solutions, where he worked on several notable products including eBay’s seller supplies platform, and order management platforms for and During this time, CJ also completed several projects for Amazon and many of their supply chain affiliates including their third-party textbook rental platform and consumer electronics trade-in platform for external logistics services, and their Kindle kiosks checkout and inventory platform in Whole Foods stores.

Prior, he was Principal Software Architect at Novation Analytics, the software solution and data consultancy for vehicle energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions, acquired by IHS. There, he led engineering efforts on a suite of products providing real-time prediction of decision-making metrics used by government regulators, automakers, and suppliers. CJ also created the intellectual property which leverages prediction models, a client and vendor-facing restful API, and two web applications that provide users with the ability to virtually build vehicles while seeing real-time results on metrics in areas of fuel economy, emissions, and performance.

CJ received his Bachelor of Applied Science in computer science and information technology from Oakland University, where he was also on the men’s varsity golf team. He began his career as a Software Engineer at Control-tec, acquired by Aptiv, where he was a core engineer responsible for the communication service layer on vehicle data records, which became their Qualifier platform. CJ received his Credential of Readiness (CORe) from Harvard Business School in 2017, gaining a deeper understanding of business concepts and problem-solving skills. When he’s not working on a project, he’s likely discussing it on the golf course … or possibly spending time with his golden retriever, Penny, who is well-loved and well-fed when she visits the Bridge Connector headquarters.


Get to Know CJ

  • Has a golden retriever
  • Her name is Penny
  • Penny is also the unofficial mascot of the Nashville HQ