post acute care technology solutions with the largest EHR and CRM vendors

Post-Acute & Long-Term Care

Accurate and up-to-date patient information. Each time, every time.
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Automate Intake and Eliminate Dual-Entry

Bridge Connector offers post-acute care integration services with the largest EHR and CRM vendors on the market — enabling automatic, accurate, and secure flow of patient information to the right people at the right time. From pre-admission to post-discharge follow-up, Bridge Connector makes your patient journey a streamlined experience.


Automatic Referral Intake
Total Elimination of Human Error and Duplicate Entry
Streamlined, Improved Patient Experience
crm integration allows for real-time data in ambulatory care
Data Delivered in Real-Time at the Point of Care
Nearly Any Data Format, From Nearly Any Vendor

Give your patients an amazing experience, and free your staff from the admin burden of duplicate entry. With several workflows offered out of the box, Bridge Connector has a fit for every organization. And with no implementation fees, our solutions are accessible to organizations of any size.

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