Tackling social determinants of health at the point of care to improve patient outcomes.

Tackling social determinants of health at the point of care to improve patient outcomes.

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Act on Social Determinants of Health Directly from Salesforce Health Cloud

CareService Connect appears natively for users of Salesforce Health Cloud who seek to address social determinants of health for their patients. Available in Salesforce AppExchange, CareService Connect bridges barriers to care with social services agencies’ referral information, searchable by patient’s zip code.

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Care Beyond Clinical

The conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work, and age contribute to 80% of overall health outcomes and 50% of readmissions. Social determinants of health have a significant impact on patient outcomes, but healthcare organizations are challenged with incorporating non-clinical factors into clinical workflows. How are you supposed to control factors that happen outside the four walls of your facility?

With CareService Connect, care managers are empowered to not only identify these social barriers to care, but to also act on them — referring patients directly to solutions with local services agencies, lowering risk scores and improving outcomes for patient populations.

sDOH contribute to:


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of overall health outcomes as opposed to actual clinical care


of patient deaths

CareService Connect Enables You To:

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Surface Barriers to Care

CareService Assess, Bridge Connector’s free social determinants of health survey tool, enables you to surface potential barriers to care using surveys developed using CARES standards.

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Create Interventions Based on Location

Using zip codes, CaseService Connect finds local service agencies that meet your patients’ needs. Directly from Salesforce Health Cloud, you can refer underserved patients directly with the right service.

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Track Referral Outcomes

Care managers and healthcare professionals can track referral completion natively within Salesforce Health Cloud, ensuring that patients successfully connect with social service agencies.