Destinations, building the future of interoperability using clicks, not code

Building the future of interoperability using clicks, not code

A True Interoperability Layer for Healthcare

Reimagine healthcare integration with Destinations, a no-code integration platform coming soon that is specifically created for the healthcare industry. For too long, integrations have limited healthcare organizations. Bridge Connector is working to flip the script and make integrations work for you - rather than causing you more work.

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Simplified Connections, Delivered with Clicks

With Destinations, you're not only exchanging data between disparate systems, you're automating workflows and improving business outcomes. Destinations code-free interface will allow users to automate workflows faster than ever before, without requiring significant technical expertise, using pre-built integrations and a library of connections to hundreds of systems.

Understand What's Possible

Remove the mystery around what you can do and understand the integration capabilities of the vendors you care about. For the first time, teams can see integration possibilities that are available by product, use-case, or format, all in one place.