4 Key Takeaways From PointClickCare Summit 2018

PointClickCare Summit 2018: Our Four Key Takeaways

Is there anything better than having a great conference right in your backyard? That’s just one of the reasons we were so excited for PointClickCare Summit 2018, which took place at the Gaylord Opryland Conference Center in Nashville this year.

PointClickCare, the leading cloud-based software vendor for the long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC) industry, holds the Summit so their clients and partners can network and learn from other industry experts. When you gather a group of professionals that work in similar environments and are all focused on goals that surround improving their organizations to better serve their patients, great ideas are formed and shared. We had the pleasure of participating in so many of these conversations, but we’ve narrowed it down the exchanged ideas and information to four key takeaways from PointClickCare Summit 2018.

1. The Silver Tsunami is Coming

Over the next 15 years, nearly 10,000 people will turn 65 each day. After doing some math (and by that, we mean pulling out our smartphone calculators), that equals over 54 million people turning 65 over the next 15 years. This era has been called the “Silver Tsunami”.

The term is perfect, as it alludes to what post-acute care providers absolutely need to do: brace themselves for the impact this population will have on their organizations. Hospitals are already preparing for this change, with 77% of hospitals studied by PointClickCare hiring dedicated care coordination staff to support SNF discharged patients and 2/3 of these same hospitals forming Preferred SNF Partner Networks.

With the added pressure from the acute care side, post-acute care facilities have to get ahead of the game to ensure continued success in the LTPAC industry. Without real-time visibility into the patient experience, skilled nursing facilities, and other post-acute care organizations, will likely experience an increase in readmission rates and a decrease in patient satisfaction.

To help their customers, PointClickCare is not only improving the capabilities of their core platform but has created strategic partnerships with other healthcare technology companies to extend the power of their offering. The recent launch of the PointClickCare Developer Marketplace gives users easy access to supplemental products, including patient alert systems, social determinants of health trackers, and full-service integration platforms.

2. Having a Lot of Data is Different From Having Actionable Data

PointClickCare Summit 2018 also highlighted data management in healthcare.  At times, it seems that some organizations are touting the sheer volume of data they have available, as if just having the most data will actually drive any results. Earlier this year, the CEO of HIMSS, Hal Wolf, said it best: “Data is fundamentally useless until you turn it into information.”

That was solidified at PointClickCare Summit 2018, hearing conversations revolving around actionable data again and again. More organizations are investing in CRMs or other platforms to manage centralized information, and working with integration partners to direct all collected patient information to these platforms to have real-time, accurate data to start building insights from.

These steps are huge in improving the quality of data at your organization, but the real question comes after that is all set up: what do we do with the data? The answer is to simply use your resources. Ask your physicians, your office administrators, your stakeholders, your investors what their main business objectives are, and what insights they believe would help achieve those objectives. Once you’ve decided what data would be most beneficial for your organization as a whole, work with your integration partner to ensure that the internal and third-party information you need is being mapped correctly from their prospective interfaces to your CRM, and see how you can generate reports to get the information to the members of your organization who have requested it to achieve key business objectives.

3. A Smooth Patient Transfer Process is Vital

In long-term care, the first couple of steps in receiving a new patient can determine the patient’s outcome, no matter the level of care provided following those steps an apparent topic of discussion during PointClickCare Summit 2018. With this in mind, it’s important to set up an effective patient hand-off process that all of your employees understand, and demand complete and accurate information from the acute care facility you’re receiving referrals from.

Once you’ve obtained all the information the acute care facility is able to provide, there are key things care providers can do to increase positive outcomes and avoid readmissions. The first is an extensive patient assessment in the pre-admission workflow. If a patient isn’t properly assessed during pre-admissions, things like lab results or previous physician orders could be missed, resulting in an incomplete or incorrect care plan for the patient. Once the patient is properly assessed and a care plan is created, care providers should have one centralized hub where they can the information sent by the acute-care facility, as well as the new information gained about the patient since they arrived at their facility. With this system, any one of your care providers can step in and assist with a patient if necessary, rather than having to find a colleague or access multiple systems to get a full view of the patient’s history.

With all of the important patient information in one place, post-acute facilities can also better follow-up with their patients even after they are discharged. With an integrated approach, you can create ways to ensure the client is following their post-care regimen, picking up their medication, and making follow-up appointments.

4. The Sweet Sound of Harmony at PointClickCare Summit 2018

PointClickCare has a well-earned reputation of listening to the needs of their customers and providing successful solutions. That is how Harmony, PointClickCare’s new post-acute insights platform, came to fruition. The pain points users voiced involved extensive time spent communicating with acute care facilities trying to access necessary information. Harmony addresses this issue head-on, with features such as customizable dashboards, that allow internal employees and case managers to check in on the status of patients without having to make multiple calls or emails hoping to eventually be connected to someone with the correct information. The Harmony dashboard delivers insights as well, pulling actionable information from the real-time data. These insights can be made available to acute care facilities that organizations are working with, making it easier for PointClickCare facilities to become preferred partners and increase quality referrals. Harmony has the potential to spark change at PointClickCare organizations (and the LTPAC/SNF market as a whole), so it’s no surprise that this was one of the most-mentioned topics.

There is no question that PointClickCare Summit 2018 was beneficial for all who attended. The sessions from PointClickCare employees, customers, and partners were insightful and educational. It’s amazing to see thousands of people come together to share ideas on how to improve not only their own organizations, but the healthcare industry itself. While there were a wide variety of professionals from different types of facilities, it was clear that everyone is working with the same goal in mind: improving the patient experience. PointClickCare encourages their users to care confidently and, from what we saw at PointClickCare Summit 2018, that is certainly what they plan on continuing to do.

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