Ramping up for Dreamforce 2019

With 170,000 registered attendees, Dreamforce is a different kind of annual conference. It can be so easy to get caught up in the many (many) sessions and events. If you’re not careful, you could blink and the four days could fly right on by. While flying by the seat of your pants can be fun at times, when you’re investing in an opportunity like Dreamforce 2019, you want to be sure you’re getting the best ROI possible (and yes, you can actually quantify it here).

Due to the size of the conference, it’s no surprise that Dreamforce 2019 will have something for everyone. For Bridge Connector, that “something” is the broad spectrum of innovation both in healthcare and beyond — getting inspired by innovation in different industries and using conference learnings to improve how healthcare communicates. It’s possible to spend all day sifting through sessions to find what you need (trust us, we’ve been there) so we’ve compiled our top list of “can’t-miss” sessions and events for healthcare professionals heading to Dreamforce 2019.

Learning at Dreamforce 2019

When it comes to conferences, there are usually a handful of sessions you end up wanting to go to. One or two “have-to-be-there” ones and the rest fall under the “if I can make it, I will be there” category. That’s not the case at Dreamforce. There are countless sessions that are valuable, educational, interesting and ultimately, worth several treks across the city of San Francisco (seriously, wear your comfiest shoes). Here are just a few.


    • Calm Down your Call Center: Delight Members with Streamlined Services
      • Who: Salesforce, VSP, Cambia Health Solutions
      • What: Discussing the process and the benefits, of integrating Salesforce with the other disparate systems used in your call center.
      • Why: Call center staff can better serve patients if they have access to more patient information. A streamlined process allows call center staff to resolve issues faster, increasing patient satisfaction.
    • Health Cloud Roadmap: A New Wave of Innovation
      • Who: Salesforce
      • What: The best and newest features of Salesforce Health Cloud.
      • Why: Whether you have Health Cloud or have considered Health Cloud for your organization, knowing the upcoming features can make you a more informed user and buyer.
    • Lightning Scheduler: Personalize Connections with Streamlined Appointments
      • Who: Salesforce and Wells Fargo
      • What: Learn about the Lightning Scheduler tool and how organizations are utilizing it to improve processes and customer experiences.
      • Why: In healthcare, each missed appointment costs your organization about $200. Streamlining scheduling can allow your staff to work more efficiently, giving your patients a better experience.


    • How United Healthcare Combined Ads and Emails to Deliver 1-1 Marketing
      • Who: United HealthCare, Salesforce
      • What: Coordination across several marketing and customer experience touchpoints to create a better customer/patient experience
      • Why: Everyone wants to feel unique and heard, and your patients are no exception. Let your patients know that you do care about them, and you have their best interests in mind, using these techniques.
    • Future of Healthcare and Life Sciences: Driving Toward Better Outcomes
      • Who: FORTUNE, Verge Genomics
      • What: A panel of CEOs discussing trending innovations in healthcare, and what is needed to create the best patient experience possible, from processes to policies.
      • Why: See what policies are wanted and needed to make a positive impact on the future of the healthcare industry.
    • Healthcare & Life Sciences Keynote: Transform Health & Wellness Experiences
      • Who: Salesforce
      • What: Learn how Salesforce helps healthcare organizations in every sector of the industry set their processes and technologies up for success.
      • Why: To ensure you’re leveraging your organization’s Salesforce instance to the best of its abilities.


    • Healthcare Providers: How to Build Meaningful Patient and Employee Journeys
      • Who: Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Kaiser Permanente, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Salesforce
      • What: Consumers expect a seamless, personal experience whenever they purchase a product or service, and healthcare is finally working to catch up with this expectation.
      • Why: Give your organization the competitive edge it deserves by learning about patient-centered trends and utilizing Salesforce to improve your patient relationship management.
    • AppExchange Solutions for Healthcare & Life Sciences: Transforming Patient Care
      • Who: Salesforce
      • What: How healthcare organizations have successfully used apps in the AppExchange to improve their organization.
      • Why: If you already pay for Salesforce, why not use all the tools they have to offer? Learn the ins and outs of the Salesforce AppExchange and see what would be most beneficial for your organization.
    • Goodbye Silos: How Automating Underwriting Helps Health Plans Compete & Win
      • Who: IU Health Plans, Vlocity
      • What: How to get quotes to your sales team as soon as possible, so they’re able to get answers to potential customers faster.
      • Why: The quoting process can be tedious and the long process can result in frustration from potential new members. Remove that barrier and set your sales team up for success with the tools available to them.


    • Re-Imagine Transitions of Care to Benefit the Provider and Patient Experiences
      • Who: Salesforce, Nizhoni Health
      • What: Details on how one of the largest healthcare providers in Massachusetts streamlines their care coordination and referral intake process (spoiler alert: it includes Bridge Connector).
      • Why: Never miss another quality referral at your organization by improving and automating the workflows necessary for intake.
    • The Intelligent Experience for Healthcare and Life Sciences
      • Who: Salesforce
      • What: Learn how Einstein Analytics can be used for healthcare organizations.
      • Why: Make each touchpoint with your patients better and more personalized by utilizing AI through Einstein Analytics.
    • Transforming Mental Health with Service Cloud
      • Who: Salesforce, Deloitte, NYU Langone Health, Johnson & Johnson
      • What: A real patient journey for a patient who is a member of EAP and is experiencing anxiety, and how different tools her healthcare organization utilizes make her symptoms much easier to manage.
      • Why: To enable your organization to better serve your patients that are struggling with social determinants of health.



Usually, you leave a conference with all of the knowledge you just absorbed, and by the time you get back to work, a good portion of it has already escaped your brain. Why? Because when you’re in a keynote, nothing seems more important than what that speaker is talking about. But then, life happens, and the profound things you found yourself violently nodding your head in agreement to fall to the back burner. Dreamforce breaks this trend by holding several workshops and collaboration sessions at the conference so you can start implementing the things you’re learning in real-time. Just as valuable (if not more so) you are doing this in groups with other Salesforce users, allowing for collaboration and best practices to surface easily.

Sales Cloud

Service Cloud


Health Cloud

Marketing Cloud


Dreamforce will keep you very busy during the day but it definitely doesn’t end after that last 5 p.m. session. Starting Monday night and continuing all the way through Friday morning, there are opportunities to network with your peers, raise a glass with new friends, and, if you’re brave enough, there is always time for karaoke.

Monday Night

    • Dreamforce 2019 Karaoke for a Cause
      • At this event, PepUP Tech is donating all proceeds to support tech training programs for underrepresented children and adults across the United States. Plus, you get to shine (or embarrass yourself) with a little karaoke.

Tuesday Night

    • Modern Sales Dreamforce Happy Hour
      • Modern Sales is taking over five bars in the Mission District to wrap up the first night of Dreamforce. You can collaborate and network with professionals on similar career paths, as the bars are split up by certain sales roles.
    • Marketing Cloud Health & Life Sciences Dreamforce Happy Hour
      • If you’ve been wanting to chat with the Marketing Cloud team, this is your chance to do it in a low-pressure environment. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud team is taking over a bar near Oracle Park where there will be food, refreshments, and great conversation.

Wednesday Afternoon

    • The Sell Well Center at Dreamforce 2019
      • Not all events at Dreamforce involve food and drinks. The Sell Well Center offers a place to unwind amongst the craziness of Dreamforce. They’ll be offering yoga, meditation, and more.

Wednesday Night

    • Dreamfest
      • An event we’re sure you’ve heard of in the past — the notorious Dreamfest concert at Dreamforce. Last year, we had Metallica. This year: Fleetwood Mac. You can “go your own way” or you can join the masses and head to Oracle Park for this awesome concert experience. Bonus: all proceeds go to UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals.

Thursday Night

    • Into the Blue: The B2B Marketing Bash
      • If you’re in B2B marketing, this is the event for you. According to their page, there will be some “special surprises” along with the opportunity to network with other B2B marketing professionals, and of course, food and refreshments.

Long story short, there is no shortage of things to do at Dreamforce 2019. Whether you’re there to learn, enhance your skills, or network with other innovators in your industry, you’re in for a great experience. If you’d like to connect with our team at the conference, head to this page to get the conversation started and set up a time. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!


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