What Happens in Vegas, Could Change the Trajectory of Healthcare

The Stage Is Set for a Successful Part 2 of the ‘Largest Healthcare Event Launch in History’

It’s ironic that the HLTH conference, one of the premier conferences for arguably one of the most complicated industries there is — healthcare — is situated in Las Vegas, the magic capital of the world. Because when it comes to solutions at the intersection of healthcare and technology, there is no one magic solution or silver bullet.

Vegas is no ordinary town, however, and “HLTH: Create Health’s Future” is no ordinary conference.

HLTH (pronounced “health”) is considered somewhat of an overnight success, because it launched just last year, in May, as the largest healthcare event launch in history. With 3,500 attendees, 375 C-suite executives and 1,750 companies in attendance, event organizers aimed to differentiate the HLTH  conference by representing all healthcare industry stakeholders — from “large established providers, payers, employers and pharma services to disruptive startups and prolific investors as well as representatives from government, media and analysts.”

diagram: HLTH 2019 conference attendees breakdown
HLTH attendees at the inaugural 2018 event represented a healthy mix of healthcare industry stakeholders. (Credit: HLTH website)

The HLTH conference will follow last year’s lead, building on its successes, with many more signature cartoon caricatures on its speaker lineup, plus it occurs six months earlier, in October.

Jonathan Weiner, Founder & CEO of HLTH, said they made the decision to shift from the spring because there is no “definitive industry touchpoint in the fall” and an end-of-year event puts them in a better position to be a “catalyst for the improvement of healthcare in the U.S. by enabling the industry to regroup as the current year comes to an end, as well as commence critical planning before the start of the new year.”

We cannot wait to hear all of the innovative strides and exciting announcements our peers and colleagues will be making at this year’s event, and Bridge Connector will be making an exciting announcement ourselves! (Stay tuned to our social media channels and this blog for more information.)

Vegas-Style Buffet of Attendees at HLTH Conference

In addition to all of the payers, providers, and policymakers you would expect to hear from at a healthcare event, there is an even more diverse lineup represented this year. A speaker list including leaders from Amazon, AT&T, BestBuy, Facebook, Google, HP, Uber, and Walmart, provides more evidence that the lines defining traditional healthcare companies have all but disintegrated in recent years. Unrelated industry sectors from banking, to retail and transportation, have all crossed over into various healthcare exploits.

It’s the same reason why Comcast NBCUniversal, the entertainment and media conglomerate, has a Chief Medical Officer. And she’s speaking, by the way, about how employers need to cultivate a culture of wellbeing, focused on the health management of their workers.

Session Themes on Our and Our Customers’ Radars

This year’s conference focuses on 18 themes, and it’s hard to even pick a favorite handful because many of these tracks are interrelated and very relevant to our customers’ everyday challenges and Bridge Connector’s solutions.

“Human-Centered Care,” “Chronic Condition Crisis,” and “Communities at the Crossroads of Health,” for example, all point to the increased industry-wide interest to find solutions for social determinants of health (SDoH). Since our own SDoH app, CareService Connect, launched earlier this month — empowering care providers and case managers to refer directly to social services organizations, reducing social barriers at the point of care — we especially look forward to connecting with others who are seeking to innovate in this space.

“Mental and Behavioral Bridges to Health” sessions will also be particularly relevant to many Bridge Connector customers, as the name implies. The healthcare industry is increasingly recognizing the links between mental and physical health, and with that comes countless ways that the various, disparate patient data platforms need to be connected to yield more optimal outcomes. Addiction treatment, in particular, is a tricky setting in which to improve the patient experience, and yet, customers such as FHE Health, Harmony, Praesum, and Ambrosia Treatment Center are doing just that. It will be interesting to see other ways data is being leveraged throughout the behavioral health industry to deliver on more patient-centered care.

“Fringes of Health Science,” “Tech Connecting and Affecting Health,” “Generation.AI” and “Voice.HLTH” will all teeter at the cutting edge of innovation, including where the bloviating needs to stop about how all of these technologies “could” be used, and where they are already providing real solutions to change the industry. In particular, we want to hear about how others are tackling interoperability by incorporating these and other tech innovations. We frequently delve into IoT trends, wearables technology, and apps that interface with the patient’s experience more directly or make physicians’ jobs easier (or harder). But no doubt the reputation of HLTH content will deliver on these topics in fresh, unique ways.

New this year, a special track of networking programming is called “WOMEN at HLTH,” which will highlight initiatives that are starting to bubble up to address the gender disparity in healthcare executive leadership. As part of this track, attendees are challenged to take the ParityPledge, to “commit their organization to interviewing and considering at least one qualified woman for every open role.”

The Startup and Investor networking programming track also include a related tactic, the “Get on Board: Break Into the Boardroom” executive matching program, which pairs female executives wishing to serve on boards with organizations seeking to diversify. Speaking of startups, the Startup Pitch competition is back, with 15 early-stage companies who will appeal to an investor panel.

What Does This Mean for HLTH Conference Attendees?

This year’s conference is going to provide unlimited opportunities for learning and collaborating with some of the biggest leaders in healthcare who are out to change the industry. Another insider tip: If the agenda looks overwhelming, consider attending Tech Talks, 6-minute presentations from a more limited set of HLTH’s 200 vendors, providing appetizer-sized portions of the larger agenda offerings.

Opportunities to Connect with Bridge Connector

Bridge Connector will be speaking at a Tech Talk from 1:30 – 1:36 p.m. on Monday, October 28, at Stage 2 in the HLTH Hub, which is adjacent to the exhibit hall.

Are you headed to HLTH on October 27-30? Skip the lines and get a FastPass to any one of four learning or social networking opportunities Bridge Connector is offering attendees during the event. Connect with us.

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