What We Are Doing to Empower COVID-19 Responders

How Bridge Connector is taking action

Patients, providers, families, emergency responders — all people directly impacted by the COVID-19 who rely on the global community to take action. While not everyone is in a position to directly help those affected, those who can make a meaningful difference bear a responsibility to do what they can to support the fight against the crisis.

With this duty in mind, Bridge Connector is offering integrations for COVID-19 use cases free of charge for six months. These integrations empower response teams, call centers, and care teams to effectively manage patient data and to streamline communications for a more efficient treatment process.

Given the dynamic nature of COVID-19 and its massive impact, Bridge Connector is deploying these integrations according to the evolving needs of the healthcare community. We encourage healthcare organizations experiencing COVID-19-related workflows to contact Bridge Connector for help.

Ending the spread of the COVID-19 calls for system-wide collaboration, and requires all of us to work together more efficiently than ever before. For example, Bridge Connector’s integrations, coupled with Salesforce’s pledge to provide COVID-19-affected health systems free access to Salesforce Health Cloud technologies, work together to support those working tirelessly on the front lines of this pandemic.

Now is the time to join forces to end COVID-19, protect our communities, and support our COVID-19 responders. For those able to help, we urge you to join us in this mission.

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