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Home-Health Innovator Automates Care Coordination

Graham bolsters home health brand by reaping benefits of integration

Home-Health Innovator Automates Care Coordination

“As a nationally recognized leader of home health and hospice and a pioneer healthcare customer of Salesforce, Graham Healthcare Group needed an integration partner that could support bringing together multiple care and operational platforms. Bridge Connector has allowed us to connect several data sources including PatientPing, Connect America, and Homecare Homebase into our Salesforce org allowing us to eliminate manual data entry, streamline business processes, and improve care coordination.”

— Justin DeWitte, CEO at Graham Healthcare Group


Who is Graham?

As an innovator in an evolving healthcare world, Graham Healthcare Group has been designing business and technology solutions to drive better care, outcomes, and productivity within its own home health and hospice companies for over 20 years. Graham currently partners with five companies across three states to manage post-acute services, and is committed to radically changing “the home care model by putting patients and their families at the top of the paradigm.” Through Bridge Connector, Graham Healthcare quickly realized benefits of integration.


The Challenge:

Like most healthcare providers, Graham Healthcare utilizes multiple systems that allow them to provide innovative solutions and a better patient experience. This also requires establishing a central “source of truth” for patient information, which can accept data from a multitude of otherwise disparate sources. Some of Graham’s preferred systems include PatientPing, a care coordination tool that provides real-time notifications when patients receive care anywhere, Connect America, a fall detection and medical alert system, and Homecare Homebase, the home health and hospice EHR. In order to use these tools effectively, Graham Healthcare needed for all platforms to be connected to a central source of truth, and for the right employees at the right facilities to receive notifications as quickly as possible.


Bridge Connector Solutions: Benefits of Integration

One of the first steps to a successful integration project is to identify the main “source of truth” when it comes to patient data. Once Graham identified Salesforce as their main source of truth, Bridge Connector worked to ensure Graham’s workflow and data moved seamlessly between Salesforce and three other systems.

The first was Connect America, a nurse alert system. Through the Bridge Connector integration, patients are now automatically onboarded in Salesforce when they are assigned a nurse alert system, and anytime that nurse alert system is used, a notification comes through in Salesforce to immediately alert the team, and the incident is automatically logged.

The second integration was for Graham’s PatientPing system. Now, whenever a patient gets admitted to a facility within the PatientPing network, Graham receives the notification directly to the patient’s record in Salesforce, so their team can take necessary action.

Lastly, an integration pushes patient coordination notes from Graham’s Salesforce instance to their Homecare Homebase EHR, delivering actionable information to the point of care in order to provide better continuity of care for all patients across their provider network.


The Results:

By partnering with Bridge Connector, Graham Healthcare experienced significant benefits of integration, most notably: actualizing workflows that seamlessly cross systems, improving care coordination, cutting down on readmissions, reducing time spent on manual data entry, and ultimately, reducing costs. In fact, DeWitte reports that Graham quickly saved $250,000 as a result of our engagement, in the first three months of solutions being implemented. These improved efficiencies free up Graham staff to continue delivering on their mission to be the “recognized market leader in home care, palliative and hospice services,” and to “power care forward” with their innovative technology platforms.