Addiction Treatment Facilities Automate Patient Admissions

praesum addiction treatment improves patient admissions via integration

Addiction Treatment Facilities Automate Patient Admissions

“Bridge Connector’s full-service integrations solutions have been invaluable at improving efficiency at our organization. And the gains we’re already seeing as a result of our work together place us on the cutting-edge among behavioral health competitors, particularly when it comes to providing continuity of care.”
— Mark Ticar, Chief Financial Officer, Praesum Healthcare


Who is Praesum?

Founded in 2003, Praesum Healthcare currently runs and operates eight drug and alcohol medical detoxification facilities throughout Florida, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Georgia, 10 intensive outpatient substance abuse and mental health treatment centers in New Jersey and New York, a sober living facility in New Jersey, and provides psychological services in both Florida and New Jersey.

Headquartered in South Florida, Praesum also provides administrative services for healthcare providers and has serviced over 49,000 patients in various stages of health care services.


The Challenge:

Praesum Healthcare needed to have a central location for its call center and marketing representatives to schedule pre-admissions and perform pre-admission questionnaires. They landed on Salesforce as a CRM platform that could help them aggregate these patient admissions workflows most efficiently, but their staff were having to manually re-enter data about the patient to actually admit them into one of their facilities — and into their EHR of record, TenEleven, which is geared toward behavioral health organizations.

Bridge Connector Solutions:

Praesum Healthcare came to Bridge Connector because “we had confidence they could deliver on their promise to pull off this tricky integration,” said Ticar. “To our knowledge, our EHR had never been integrated with Salesforce Health Cloud before.”

Seamless integration of Praesum’s EHR with Salesforce Health Cloud allows them to have one “source of truth” throughout the entire patient journey and improves care

Prevents dual entry for care providers and staff, saving them time, reducing manual errors

Full-service expertise: “We didn’t have a dedicated, in-house IT resource to manage the integration project, and the Bridge Connector team knew the right questions to ask to advocate on our behalf when dealing with all of the vendors and various codes,” said Ticar. “Bridge Connector made things happen because of their experience and best-in-class customer service.”

The Results:

By simply removing the dual, manual entry that staff were conducting between their EHR and Salesforce during the patient admissions process, Praesum estimates they save between 10-15 minutes a day, per patient. Given their monthly volume of patients across their 18 locations, this saves their organization approximately $12,000 a month — over $100,000 in overhead savings realized in their first year.

Praesum Healthcare results infographic


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