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Addiction Treatment Group Uses Tech to Create More ‘Human Connection’

ambrosia realizes better patient care with addiction treatment integration

Addiction Treatment Group Uses Tech to Create More ‘Human Connection’

“Missing one phone call can be the difference between a patient coming to your facility and going elsewhere, or not going to a facility at all. With Bridge Connector, our admissions team has the time necessary to respond to any incoming phone calls and messages, never missing an opportunity to help a patient.”
— Kelsey Cianciulli, Director of Admissions, Ambrosia Treatment Center


Who is Ambrosia Treatment Center?

Ambrosia Treatment Center is a multi-location addiction treatment provider. With a total of five locations in Pennsylvania, California and Florida, Ambrosia is headquartered in Jupiter, Fla., and has over 10,000 patient success stories to-date. It prides itself on world-class service at every stage — beginning with a free, 24/7 helpline to potential patients, before they even step into a building. Once patients are admitted, Ambrosia’s treatments include medical detox, residential treatment facilities, outpatient services, as well as family and alumni support. Ambrosia partners with Bridge Connector to deliver improved patient experience through addiction treatment integration of systems.


The Challenge:

Ambrosia Treatment Center’s 24/7 helpline is a pivotal part of its patient journey, which prioritizes education on recovery and their facilities, as well as learning about each patient’s unique needs. The data collected for each patient is valuable, but it had to be manually entered into two separate IT platforms — its electronic health record (EHR), Kipu, as well as its customer relationship management (CRM) platform, Salesforce Health Cloud. Ambrosia needed to establish a central location for all of its patient data, and free up its staff’s time by eliminating this dual, manual entry.

With an alumni network over 10,000 strong, Ambrosia was also looking to automate outreach to maintain strong communications with these individuals.

Bridge Connector Solutions:

Seamless integration of Ambrosia Treatment Center’s EHR with their CRM allows them to have one “source of truth” throughout the entire patient journey and improves care.

Eliminate dual, manual data entry for care providers and staff, saving them time and reducing manual errors.

Full-service, turnkey integration partner, which allowed Ambrosia to maintain focus on its core priority — the patient and their experience.

The Results:

Ambrosia’s intake counselors are better-equipped with more patient data, in a seamless fashion, to provide patients with reassurance that they are making a positive decision — the intake process typically being full of complex emotions and fear for patients.

By eliminating dual, manual entry between systems, Ambrosia saves approximately 10 minutes per patient, per day. Coupled with the gains Ambrosia experiences from automating alumni marketing functions, Cianciulli says they are better able to communicate with patients and their families where they are in their unique journeys.

“We’re talking about technology and systems ‘talking to each other,’” said Cianciulli, “but it’s really the human connection that we form with our patients which makes the difference and is the foundation of all we do. Bridge Connector’s integrations allow us to focus on the patient, the human aspect, so we never have to lose that focus.”