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Innovative Scheduling Platform Powers Its Growth in Healthcare with Full-Service Integration Partner

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Now, More Than Ever, Healthcare Providers Need Technology Systems to Seamlessly Integrate in Order to Share Information

“You can have the most innovative, cutting-edge technology out there, but when it comes to selling in healthcare, none of that matters when your system is siloed from EHRs and other systems that care teams are already using. For Skedulo, predictable integrations aren’t just a ‘nice-to-have’ for our healthcare customers, they are a necessity. Bridge Connector’s innovative approach to integrations allows us to move past blockers we were experiencing with extended sales and implementation cycles, which makes our partnership a win–win. Bridge Connector allows us to sell — and deliver — powerful Skedulo capabilities to more healthcare customers much more quickly.”

— Lisa Giacinti, Head of Healthcare Strategy and Partnerships, Skedulo

Who is Skedulo?

Skedulo is a modern web and mobile application designed to schedule, manage, and communicate with mobile workforces. With healthcare increasingly being delivered outside the four walls of a traditional hospital setting, home health is but one growing sector where such mobile workforce management tools are needed in healthcare. For its over 160 customers in healthcare, Skedulo’s portfolio of solutions lowers the costs of executing appointments in the field, while helping healthcare organizations provide exceptional customer service. Headquartered in San Francisco, with additional offices in Australia, London, and Vietnam, Skedulo is used on a variety of devices, including iOS and Android mobile devices, by over 35,000 caregivers and counting.

The Challenge:

Skedulo has been a leader in mobile workforce management solutions for its Field Service, Nonprofit, and Residential Services customers but had struggled to capitalize on the projected market need for its solutions for Healthcare customers. This was due to costly, time-consuming health data integrations, according to Lisa, which had not been manageable for Skedulo in-house. This is a historical problem for many digital health vendors because of the wide variety of IT systems their customers (healthcare providers) are already using. The technology that digital health vendors offer must be able to fit into their customers’ everyday workflows. Because of this, Skedulo knew their system had to be interoperable but found that the integrations blocker was compounded because of the notoriously outdated standards and protocols which many healthcare electronic health records (EHRs) still employ.

“For a technology company to increase its sales into healthcare and keep integrations in-house, you’d have to prioritize not only verticals and use cases, but then limit your prospects to just one major EHR of focus, in order to achieve any sort of repeatability,” said Lisa. “This would also assume you’re dealing with the exact same customer instances of the same EHR — each customer’s caregivers repeating the exact same workflows and needing the same types of data — then maintaining those integrations, per customer. Nothing about this model would have made sense for us, nor would it would have ever allowed for the rapid growth we desire. We need our tech team focused on our product, not on custom integrations.”

Skedulo had already experienced success with healthcare customers, but they knew that a more streamlined integration strategy was essential for further growth. They were ideally seeking a full-service partnership with an integration company whose sole focus was healthcare, so they could rely on their partner to own all of the nuances, complexity, and maintenance.

“Skedulo is a fast-moving technology company built for speed, efficiency and mobile workforce enablement. We quickly narrowed our search for integration vendors to those who similarly were changing the industry, but with healthcare data integrations,” Lisa said. “Bridge Connector was the only company out there who fit the bill. Not to mention, they are already delivering on all of their promises for more rapid deployment and more predictable timelines and costs, regardless of the data format or systems involved.”

Bridge Connector Solutions:

  • By enlisting a full-service innovative integration partner with healthcare industry focus, Skedulo is able to continue growing their products and is more rapidly enabled — with predictable integration pricing and timelines — to expand their own healthcare customer base.
  • The partnership with Skedulo enables their salespeople access to Bridge Connector’s solutions engineers and vendor management specialists during their sales cycle — powerful business analyst and technology resources to conduct pre-sales research and assess feasibility of systems involved. Bridge Connector’s dedicated account management team acts as an extension of Skedulo’s own sales team, helping them understand and work through technical blockers more quickly and preemptively.
  • “We already know how the Skedulo customer interacts with our own product, but Bridge Connector’s expertise with all of the various EHRs, CRMs, and other platforms of engagement, helps us prioritize integrations in a way that helps us understand how to best solve the underlying business problems for our customers as well,” said Lisa.

The Results:

“Now, more than ever, healthcare is experiencing rapid growth with home care and other mobile caregiver settings, and Skedulo’s solutions provide even more value to our customers, thanks to the integrations that Bridge Connector delivers,” said Lisa. “Skedulo has always existed to make life easier for our customers, and now we can more effectively do that in healthcare. We teamed up with Bridge Connector at just the right time, so our powers are almost ‘doubled,’ in a sense, to address some of the more critical care coordination needs we’re seeing in the industry.”

Lifesprk, the Skedulo customer who is a leading provider of whole-person, primary care, in-home health for seniors, is one example. Through Bridge Connector’s integrations between their EHR, PointClickCare, and their Skedulo instance, Lifesprk has achieved more seamless communication for its caregivers. Patient creation, visit scheduling, and notes are only entered once, then synced between the two technology platforms — cutting out room for error, duplicative processes and costs. As Lifesprk caregivers must access technology platforms on a variety of devices and care settings, this immediately provides better continuity of care for their patients.

“In healthcare, Skedulo’s connected solutions not only deliver on more efficiently run healthcare organizations, but a happier, more engaged workforce, which is so important to retain valuable healthcare workers.”

“Gone are the days of disconnected care settings,” said Lisa. “Mobile caregivers and patients expect more, and we help our customers meet more of these needs, thanks to our comprehensive and integrated solutions. Whatever the system of engagement is, we can confidently say that Skedulo’s technology ‘plays nicely’ with any of those platforms to solve real business problems for our customers.”




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