mimit case study

Physician Group Streamlines Processes

Mimit health integrates EMR to streamline patient data

Physician Group Streamlines Processes

“Bridge Connector’s seamless integrations give us the opportunity and the engine that empowers us to grow rapidly while never losing sight that we are in this business to take care of people.”
— Dr. Paramjit “Romi” Chopra, M.D.; Founder, Chairman and CEO at MIMIT Health


Who is MIMIT?

MIMIT Health is a multi-specialty group comprised of physicians, surgeons, and mid-level providers who specialize in minimally invasive, targeted treatments that offer reduced risk, reduced pain, and shorter recovery time compared to traditional surgery. As one of the fastest-growing independent multi-specialty physician groups in Illinois, they have nine locations in the Chicago metro area, and have treated thousands of patients, focusing on excellence in patient care, healthcare, research and medical education.

Founder, Chairman and CEO at MIMIT Health, Dr. Paramjit “Romi” Chopra, M.D., has been quick to embrace technologically innovative tools, as he approaches “best-in-class healthcare” at the pace of a startup, but with the experience of a Distinguished Physician Awardee and 2018 recipient of the U.S. Congressional Medal For Outstanding Contributions And Excellence In Patient Care And Teaching.

The Challenge: Inability to integrate EMR

MIMIT Health had previous, frustrating experiences integrating their EMR (Medstreaming) with their CRM (Salesforce). These integration efforts to integrate EMR records had historically gone over-time and over-budget. To continue their desired, rapid trajectory of location growth, they needed improved, uni-directional EMR-CRM integrations, which would interface patient demographics, scheduling, billing, and clinical data, while eliminating dual entry for care providers and staff.

Bridge Connector Solutions:

Bridge Connector allowed MIMIT to integrate EMR records with Salesforce Health Cloud, allowing them to have one “source of truth” throughout the entire patient journey and improves care.

Prevents dual entry for care providers and staff, saving them time, reducing manual errors, and eliminating the large cost of dual manual data entry.

Transparent, turnkey processes: “The Bridge Connector team already knew the nuances of how to deal with all of the various different codes,” said Dr. Chopra. “The process and expected outcomes were very clear from the onset. It’s been super-transparent to our whole team, and that has made all the difference.”

The Results:

MIMIT Health has identified three criteria they must address to support a patient’s overall journey: treat, empower, heal. “The more data I collect, the more analysis I do … the more insights I have, and the better I do my job,” said Dr. Chopra. Bridge Connector integrations have allowed MIMIT to deliver their unique brand of “enlightened healthcare” with more transparency and more efficiency — care providers and staff save over two hours a day, per patient, by removing the dual data entry burden.