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Physician Group Uses Integrated Technology to Save $385K a Year and Increase Productivity 50%

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EHR Integration to Prioritize Patients Over Paperwork

MIMIT Health, which stands for the Midwest Institute of Minimally Invasive Therapy, is one of the fastest-growing independent multi-specialty physician groups in Illinois, with eight locations in the Chicago metro area. They offer reduced risk, reduced pain, and shorter recovery time for their patients compared to traditional surgery. Since they were founded, they have been innovators in the healthcare IT space.

Their goal? To put “patients at the center of their universe” and achieve what their Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Dr. Parajmit “Romi” Chopra, also likes to call “the Amazonification of healthcare.”

Dr. Chopra’s vision is to move toward the same paradigm that large consumer-facing brands achieve with world-class customer service — providing the best possible care and patient experience, in MIMIT’s case — because they are “better, faster, cheaper” than their competitors. 

MIMIT does everything they can to increase efficiency for staff and physicians, so they can reinvest those savings into patient care. To achieve this goal, they implemented Salesforce Health Cloud alongside their EHR. The problem? Those systems didn’t integrate easily. MIMIT attempted to build the integrations themselves twice without success before they found Bridge Connector. 

“It was clear from the onset that Bridge Connector had a unique approach,” said Dr. Chopra. “They already knew all of the nuances and the codes. Everything was on-time and under-budget.”

integrate EHR data with CRM data for 360-degree patient views
MIMIT Health utilizes Bridge Connector to integrate EHR data from Medstreaming with Salesforce.

Freeing Up Technologies and People to Do Their Jobs

Manish Goomar, Director of Systems Solutions at MIMIT Health, plays a key role in finding the best tech tools for the organization. And he shares a story to explain how MIMIT defines innovation:

“Do you remember at school when they moved from chalkboards to whiteboards … to whiteboards that lowered from the ceiling with the click of a remote control button?” Manish asks. “Would you call the remote control an example of innovation?” 

“No,” according to him, “because what happens when the remote control stops working? You’ve created three more problems.” 

The moral to the story: Make sure that the technology’s purpose is supported with full adoption across an organization — and connect the systems, so the tech is allowed to do its job and not become a burden. So three different platforms don’t become “three more problems” for the end-user.

“You have to have more than just an EHR to be able to grow 10X or 100X,” said Manish. “But, you have to connect your EHR to all of the other systems eventually, to be able to create that 360-degree holistic view of the patient.”

Through Bridge Connector integrations, MIMIT has been able to establish Salesforce as their main source of truth, which achieves this holistic view. Not to mention, MIMIT is always looking for new technology to incorporate, whether that’s WhatsApp, Box, Evernote, DocuSign, Taskray, or other apps. Because of the integration Bridge Connector continues to maintain between Salesforce and their EHR, Manish says that it’s much easier for MIMIT to layer on additional tools like these more flexibly.

“Having technology that is robust and scalable is important to our success,” said Manish, “and that’s only attainable with rapid, affordable integrations, which we were finally able to nail with Bridge Connector. Their full-service approach goes beyond building integrations to also include the ongoing work to manage and maintain the integrations. This is how our team is able to stay more focused, moving forward with our own technology needs.”   

Time is Money … is Patient Experience

Once Bridge Connector took MIMIT’s bidirectional Salesforce and Medstreaming integration live, there was immediate time savings. Due to MIMIT’s heavy use of Salesforce, the many apps they’ve been able to add to their arsenal, and all of the manual entry processes that happened back and forth between systems, MIMIT has saved over two hours a day — per patient.  This has resulted in a 50% increase in productivity with their patient engagement and care coordination processes, according to MIMIT, and has saved them more than $250,000 since their integrations went live with an estimated yearly savings of $385,000.

As an example of just one of these streamlined processes: when primary and secondary insurance information goes from the EHR into Salesforce, instead of taking 20 minutes to verify insurance benefits, this process can now happen on a handheld, or a desktop computer, and occurs within 30 seconds. 

“Bridge Connector’s integrations provided a missing link that, once achieved, we knew could help us deliver more value to more patients,” said Dr. Chopra. “Our ambitious growth goals have become more attainable, and we tend to forget that not everyone can move this quickly.”

By way of MIMIT’s EHR integration with Salesforce, freed up time for front-end staff and physicians equates to more value for the patient. 

“If you decrease a provider’s time at $100 an hour, that tech will pay for itself,” said Manish, “and Bridge Connector pays for itself every single day.” 

If you continue to invest in technology and use integrations to connect those platforms and create more seamless experiences, the patient reviews will speak for themselves as well.

Bridge Connector’s integrations give us the opportunity and the engine that empowers us to grow rapidly,” said Dr. Chopra, “while never losing sight that we are in this business to take care of people.”


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