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Real-time Referral Data Unlocks Marketing Potential

Marketing is increasingly a data-driven discipline — more insights are needed to understand your buyers and set clear goals. At specialty healthcare organizations where referring physicians are key drivers of new patients, insights into marketing efforts are especially key. 

Premier Radiology, a joint venture of Ascension Saint Thomas Health, Advanced Diagnostic Imaging and MidState Radiology, is Tennessee’s largest outpatient diagnostic imaging network, with a referring physician network of over 5,000 physicians. The group has 20 diagnostic imaging locations, over 50 radiologists performing over 400,000 studies annually, and is led by their commitment to accuracy and unparalleled patient experience. Just some of their conveniences include same-day appointments and study reports, with diagnostic images being provided to the referring provider before the patient even leaves the center. 

But when it comes to staying on top of marketing and sales goals, Premier’s explosive growth had admittedly come with some growing pains, says Gail Bedlack, Chief Marketing Officer at Premier Radiology.

“Our challenge as a marketing team was to find an alternative to the labor-intensive, manual reporting. This resulted in large bulky binders that we were combing through for information. Even with the innovative technology available to us, we were still having to depend on this manual work to get the information we needed when we needed it,” said Gail.

“We also relied on monthly reports, which meant we were calling on physicians with data that was sometimes up to 30 days old. This needed to change.”

As for their 5,000+ physicians that make up their referring physician network, Premier’s sales reps were having to use outdated data to call on them, and they were also limited to their Top 100 referral sources only. This meant, across their team of five reps, that they were limited to insights on 500 referring physicians, or only 10% of their available data.

“We needed real-time referral data into our full network of referring physicians to enable more accurate forecasting and strategic targets, by rep, by account, and also by territory,” said Gail. 

Premier Radiology had already adopted Salesforce as their engagement platform, and they enlisted Bridge Connector for their full-service integrations, connecting their Radiology Information System (RIS) with Salesforce.

“Bridge Connector stood out to us as the expert with healthcare data integrations, particularly with Salesforce,” said Gail, “but it was their deep understanding of our underlying business problems and hands-on approach that enabled us to unlock all of the sales and marketing data potential. We came to them with one problem, and they helped us identify an additional two to three areas where automation could improve our processes.”

How the integration works: As diagnostic imaging results come out of the RIS real-time, various elements including the referring physician info are integrated to automatically create a referral order in Salesforce, including any updates to a record, and tracking the referring physician on each one.

Gail and the marketing team at Premier Radiology were facing specific business challenges, and though they were clearly able to define what those were to Bridge Connector, “We didn’t realize how hindering these challenges were until the solution was enacted,” explained Gail. “Bridge Connector guided us through the process with clear communication and full transparency which helped our team adapt to the new processes.”

The real-time referral data saves Gail’s team time, with less errors and more insight to increase provider referrals for Premier Radiology, which was the biggest goal. They were also able to develop more targeted goals from additional data insights that were gained:

  • Identify lower volume accounts
  • Identify “splitter” accounts
  • Identify new or emerging accounts that may require more service due to limitations from the previous manual reporting
  • Recognize trends with the number of studies a referring office is ordering and its relative value units (RVUs)

“The ability to confidently call on a practice with this sort of real-time referral data is a game-changer for Premier,” said Gail. “There’s no more speculation, which allows our marketing team to do their best work.”

These are the outcomes that can be gleaned from real-time data and moving from 10% to 100% visibility into referral sources — 10X more data transparency than before. Premier Radiology used these insights to propel their marketing team forward with: improved market forecasting, better incremental reporting, and alignment among the team with shared goals, which were expanded to introduce referring physicians to other marketing and service-line initiatives. 

“It’s not just about having the right platforms to execute data-driven marketing, it’s about connecting all of these systems, and automating processes and reports that were previously manual,” said Gail. “With the right systems and integrations in place, we are empowered to take Premier Radiology to the next level.”




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