Smart Health Station network leverages integrations to make consumer health data more actionable

Smart Health Station network leverages integrations to make consumer health data more actionable

Patients empowered to improve their own health, organizations meet healthcare goals across populations

“Higi has built out the largest virtual care network in the U.S. Our mission is to empower every consumer on their journey to better health, so while we collect massive amounts of patient data effectively, simply having that data doesn’t solve problems. Bridge Connector integrations make our data actionable. We get to continue solving the ‘access’ problem in healthcare by reaching consumers where they are and identifying their health needs through screenings, and at the same time, making sure that data gets to a place that a healthcare organization can use it to help improve the health of the consumer. Bridge Connector is the partner to help us fully enable our customers to act on this unmatched data set — delivering patient data safely, confidentially, and seamlessly, to ultimately drive improvement in outcomes.”

— Jeff Bennett, CEO, Higi

Who is Higi:

Higi Case Study

Higi is a consumer health engagement company that partners with leading retail and healthcare organizations to provide access to care via a connected network of Smart Health Stations. With a nationwide network of over 10,000 FDA-cleared stations that are free to consumers, Higi makes it easier for people to measure, track, and act on their health data, all in the convenience of their neighborhood pharmacies, grocers, employer worksites, and other community points of trust. Enhanced by over 80 different third-party compatible apps, devices, wearables, and more, Higi’s Smart Health Stations bridge station activity with consumer-facing digital tools to extend engagement, making it easier for consumers to remain active in their health and connect across the existing healthcare ecosystem.

More than 56 million people have used a Higi station to date, and the stations are routinely used nearly one million times per week. For healthcare stakeholders such as providers, payers, and corporate health and wellness organizations, Higi offers new ways to connect with their targeted populations, enabling ongoing digital engagement and collecting biometric and other health and social determinant data.

The Challenge:

There are three types of consumer data that Higi collects on behalf of customers and needs to integrate with other platforms, regardless of customer type: demographic information, biometrics (blood pressure, pulse, weight), and questionnaire response information. Higi’s customers’ end goals range from bringing patient data into clinical environments for provider action, to payer or provider organizations managing patient health to meet shared risk benchmarks, to corporate wellness organizations assessing program efficacy.

A question Higi customers often ask during a sales cycle is, “Can you interface with our system?” referring to an EHR, CRM, or similar. Higi’s response to this question became dependent on how much time and energy it would require of their internal team to deviate from their core business — driving health engagement across its network of Smart Health Stations in support of customer priorities — to build an integration. If they replied, “We can’t do that yet,” it would stall the sales cycle or the implementation cycle.

Not to mention, every six months to a year, there seemed to be an update to existing customers’ software. This took expansive time and resources away from Higi’s core competencies to maintain and update each of the customer interfaces.

Bridge Connector Solutions:

  • By enlisting a best-in-class partner who solely focuses on integrations and understanding all of the various codes and nuances of each health data platform — be they EHRs, CRMs, or other third-party applications — Higi is able to keep focus on improvements to the consumer experience across its platform and expanding their customer base.
  • The partnership with Higi enables their salespeople access to Bridge Connector’s solutions engineers during their sales cycle — a helpful technology resource to conduct pre-sales research and assess feasibility of systems involved. Bridge Connector’s account management team for Higi acts as a “secret weapon” to help them understand and work through technical blockers preemptively, functioning as a team aligned for joint success with Higi customer signings.
  • “The goal for us is that the consumer owns their data, and that we and our healthcare customers are stewards of that data, based on the consumer agreeing to share it. We have to continually earn consumer trust to know their data on our platform is safe and secure, so they will continue being engaged with our stations and the various calls to action our platform provides,” said Higi CEO Jeff Bennett. “Bridge Connector allows us to simplify complicated integrations processes and offers the subject matter experts and experience to instill confidence — not only are our consumers protected, but our customers, as stewards of that data, are protecting their important consumer relationships as well. Bridge Connector gets data safely and seamlessly to where it needs to go.”

Higi sought a data integration partner that would allow them to grow a more scalable business in the long-run, so they could continue to focus on improvements to the omni-channel consumer experience and expanding their customer base.

The Results:

“When Higi wanted to build a way to store our data, we didn’t build a cloud, we engaged with Microsoft Azure. When it comes to seamless services, it’s great having a partner we can trust to grow business in a way that, when we need something to happen, they will deliver,” said Bennett. “When Bridge Connector looks at an opportunity and sees that a customer has a need for consumer data, they figure out how to make that data gets to where it needs to go — making data actionable for our customers — safely, securely and seamlessly.”

“Our team at Higi no longer has to re-write the book unnecessarily building and maintaining integration solutions. We are the experts at reaching consumers where they are, and we let Bridge Connector own how to best make that data actionable in our customer workflows via its turnkey integration solutions,” said Bennett.

“Creating more actionable data for the consumer is the wave of the future in healthcare, and Higi has big plans in this arena we are now able to focus on, thanks to this partnership.”


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