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Smart Health Stations Amplify the Power of Their Engagement Platform with 10X Faster Integrations

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‘Massive Amounts of Data’ Turned Healthcare Call-to-Action

How has Higi become the most widely accessible consumer health engagement platform in the country? Ask Laura Mackay, Higi Chief Product & Growth Officer.

“We collect massive amounts of patient data effectively,” she said, referring to the over 62 million people around the country who have used a Higi station to-date, and the 90,000 people who use the stations each day.

With stations in the places people go regularly – like their grocery store, pharmacy, church or gym – consumers can easily take a seat and learn a little more about what could be going on with their health when they receive biometric readings. It’s not just a numbers game, however.

Laura says Higi often hears stories from individual users about the real-life impact of the platform. Unexpected readings prompt consumers to call and schedule an appointment with their general practitioner, aiding in earlier detection of disease and treatment plans. But she knew that to take Higi’s impact a step further, it would be essential for consumers to be able to take immediate action when they’re deemed at-risk.

With the proper consent, Higi could bring consumers’ data, collected from their stations, to healthcare entities in a way they could use it right away. After all, most consumers want to better manage their own health. Why not connect the dots to make that easier for them to accomplish?

When Higi came to Bridge Connector, their team had a clear goal: to create a more seamless journey for consumers so they can get the help they need more quickly, from trusted healthcare sources. “Think about how much more seamless that journey would be if they were able to immediately schedule an appointment, or could begin to engage with primary care,” said Laura.

Higi’s growing roster of customers — companies like healthcare payers, employers, providers and hospital systems, and pharmacy retailers — understand the power of rich data made actionable as well. But to answer, “What’s going on with the health of my specific population?” for their customers, Higi had to solve their integration challenges first: how to integrate with healthcare for their customers in a more rapid and predictable way. That’s because the natural follow-up questions from their customers always included: “How can I access the rich data set that you capture, in real-time, in a way that enhances the processes and tools I already have in place?”

“Prior to working with Bridge Connector, we didn’t have a good enough answer,” said Laura. “We wanted to build out deep integrations, but it was pretty far outside our core competencies.”

The answers came via a partnership with Bridge Connector, delivering seamless, predictable, secure integrations that get consumer data where it needs to go for healthcare organizations to help consumers become their healthiest.

Upping the Ante Together

In less than a year of working together, Higi has signed several new customers who would benefit from Bridge Connector integrations. And due in part to more predictable processes, Higi has been able to deliver integrations more quickly than ever before. Higi estimates that Bridge Connector integrations are implemented at least 10 times faster. What took Higi around three years to build internally has been reduced to less than three months for go-lives, and repeatable use cases can be implemented in as quickly as six to eight weeks.

According to Laura, this has been an easier lift than they expected due to Bridge Connector’s full-service approach. Bridge Connector’s involvement starts at the onset, during Higi’s sales process, when dedicated Bridge Connector team members help answer questions and define the scope, then work hand-in-hand during implementation, go-lives, all the way through handling the dreaded and never-ending maintenance aspect of integrations.

“We’ve also started scoping out-of-the-box integrations — work we can do together to advance our respective sales cycles,” she said. “That’s the level of creativity and growth you can accomplish when you engage with the right partner.”

Higi gets to continue solving the access problem with its platform, by serving as a critical hub for healthcare resources and, really, by virtualizing access to primary care.

“I would say to other digital health innovators considering their integration options, that going it alone in healthcare is probably not a route you want to take,” said Laura. “It’s easy to underestimate the complexity — we did at first. And trust me when I say there is not a scalable integration option for most companies internally, particularly if you want to grow your pipeline and not just be in the business of propping up integrations.”

“Higi is the expert in reaching consumers where they are and identifying their health needs through screenings, really empowering both consumers and customers to work toward better health outcomes together,” she said. “With Bridge Connector owning our integrations, we have been able to fully focus on our product and make improvements faster than ever before.”

It’s exciting to think about how many more people can be reached … by not only learning their risk factors, but by receiving actionable next steps before they ever leave the Smart Health Station. Rethinking how to integrate with healthcare. Enabling earlier intervention. Encouraging more frequent check-ins. Connecting underserved consumers with more primary care options. Motivating people to action, more seamlessly and conveniently. Driving better health outcomes for all … via Higi’s customers who are already taking more innovative approaches to enrich their populations’ lives. 10,000 Smart Health Stations all working in concert to provide over 90,000 people a day next steps, including virtualized and immediate care? Consumer engagement doesn’t get any more powerful than this.


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