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Webinar: Improving Care Coordination for Fumble-Proof Patient Handoffs

Digital transformation to achieve care coordination

The U.S. healthcare system wastes $78.2 billion annually on care coordination failure. Do you know what it is costing your organization?


Nizhoni Health, one of the largest home health agencies in Massachusetts, has quickly become a leader in digital transformation, flipping the script with care coordination. And they are doing this in two of the trickiest care settings — home health and behavioral health.

Join us for our upcoming webinar, “Improving Care Coordination for Fumble-Proof Patient Handoffs,” to learn:

  • How healthcare organizations serving our most vulnerable populations face additional data management complexities
  • How to mitigate clinical and financial risk by re-thinking antiquated referral processes
  • How to prioritize digital transformation and set meaningful KPIs
  • What improvements your organization can realize immediately with connected systems