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Forming Partnerships to Improve Healthcare: One Population At A Time

Learn how Higi improves population health through patient data, and how Bridge Connector helps to make that data actionable.

When it comes to improving healthcare, we really are all in this together


The healthcare industry needs innovation now more than ever before, and effective innovation is best achieved when we work together. The partnership between Higi and Bridge Connector exemplifies the “better together” motto. In this webinar, we’ll highlight Higi, a Smart Health Station Network that gives patients power over their own health, allowing them to check in on their health “numbers” whenever they’d like in places that they’re already visiting, like grocery stores and pharmacies. Chief Product & Growth Officer at Higi, Laura Mackay, and VP of Client Experience at Bridge Connector, Lane Conger, will also discuss how Higi uses Bridge Connector to maintain ongoing engagement between the consumer and their healthcare team, enabling healthcare stakeholders to deliver better care at a lower cost.

Join us for our upcoming webinar “Forming Partnerships to Improve Healthcare: One Population At a Time” to learn:

  • Different ways Higi contributes to the mission of helping patients to become their healthiest
  • Why Higi partnered with Bridge Connector for their integration needs
  • How a Bridge Connector integration works for digital health vendors
  • How Higi customers benefit from an interoperable platform


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