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Selling Technology in Healthcare

Hear from top healthcare decision makers on the dos and don'ts

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Digital health companies want to sell into healthcare and broaden their footprint…

but how do they get healthcare executives to sign on the dotted line?


In their own words, healthcare executives tell you what digital health solutions would make their lives easier, along with dos and don’ts to close the sale.

This thought leadership video series is designed to provide the most valuable insights in a fraction of the time … from the personas you need access to the most.


Technology shouldn’t be so siloed in home health and behavioral health, and Sonia is creating a 360-degree view of patients, reimagining care coordination.

Practicing physician, Founder & CEO, Dr. Chopra adopts technology at the pace of a startup and has targeted, no-b.s. advice as a former sales team educator and coach.

mimit healthcare

As the person who oversees the development of Paladina Health’s app, Tulley is leading this direct primary care organization into a new era with more accessible patient engagement tools.

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