Selling Technology in Healthcare

Hear From Top Healthcare Decision-Makers on the Dos and Don'ts

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Digital health companies want to sell into healthcare and broaden their footprint, but how can they effectively sell to healthcare executives?

In their own words, healthcare executives tell you what digital health solutions would make their lives easier, along with dos and don’ts to close the sale. This thought leadership video series is designed to provide the most valuable insights in a fraction of the time … from the personas you need access to the most.

Through this series, you’ll learn:

  • The responsibilities and goals for various roles of healthcare executives at different organizations
  • The biggest pain points of healthcare executives who purchase new technology for their organization
  • Who is involved in making the final purchasing decision, and the biggest factors that come into play


sonia headshot no background

Sonia Kuo

Director of Clinical Program Development
headshot of dr chopra no background

Dr. Paramjit “Romi” Chopra

Founder, Chairman and CEO
tulley headshot no background

Tulley Orzech

Manager of Application Development
headshot of rekeyia stiff

Rekeyia Stiff

Regional Director of Admissions
headshot of sampath

Sampath Narayanan

Chief Information Officer
headshot of manish

Manish Goomar

Director of Digital Systems and Solutions