Simplified Integrations for Healthcare Payers

Connect your systems and create a 360° view of your members faster and easier than ever before with fully managed integrations from Bridge Connector.


Seamlessly Integrate with the Largest, Most Trusted Systems in Healthcare

We partner with the largest and most trusted vendors across the healthcare continuum, giving us the capability to develop interfaces to support nearly any use case at your payer organization.


What You Get With Our Approach

Fully-managed integrations

Bridge Connector builds, manages, and maintains integrations so you don’t have to. We ensure that the right data gets to the right people at the right time - even as systems update and change.

Integrations to fit your use case

Integrations should fit your business needs, not the other way around. Our team can help you solve your unique challenges by reimagining workflows and delivering solutions that fit your needs.

Network of the largest, most trusted systems

Our Vendor Management team develops and nurtures relationships with the largest vendors in healthcare.

No implementation fees

Stay on budget with subscription-based pricing. No implementation fees, no surprises, just your systems - connected.

Integrate with any standard or format

FHIR, API, HL7, X12, Flat Files… you name it. Whatever your customer needs, the Bridge Connector team will meet their data where it is and ensure it gets to the right people at the right time.